Quick Dill Pickles

quick dill pickles

 These days I’m on a canning frenzy…

really…..I am…..

we are right in the middle of summer….

with all kinds of produce coming out of the garden…

 I can see how my Grandma could live off the land….

#2 quick dill pickles

 She had a lot of land…….many many acres….loaded with all kinds of fruit trees

along with a huge garden

and corn as far as the eyes could see……

#3 quick dill pickles

 How did she do it all????

My garden is not that big and I’m having a time keeping up right now…..

and Farmer Bob is planning on making it bigger next year….

 I was able to make several pints of pickles in a very short period of time with this

Quick Dill Pickle Recipe…..I discover this recipe in an old cookbook on canning named…

“Keeping the Harvest” by Nancy Chioffi & Gretchen Mead

These pickles were so fast and easy to put together…Now I can move on to the next canning project…  🙂

 “Quick Dill Pickle Recipe”


3 cups white vinegar

3 cups water

1/3 cup canning salt

4 pounds cucumbers, washed and cut into round slices

6 tablespoons dill seed

3 peeled garlic cloves (optional)

9 peppercorns


Combine liquids and salt and heat to boiling.  Pack cucumbers into hot, clean quart jars.  Add to each jar 2 tablespoons dill seed, 1 clove garlic and 3 peppercorns.  Fill the jars with the hot pickling syrup, leaving 1/2 inch headroom.  Adjust lids.  Process in a boiling-water bath for 20 minutes.  Yields 3 quarts.

quick dill pickles


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