Nativity Scenes

O Come let us adore Him

This is the last posting for Christmas 2014….I have decided to move on to the New Year….

Last but not least for sure….

Oh Come Let Us Adore HIM!

Christ the Lord!

Now this is what Christmas is all about….His Birth!  Yes, Jesus…..Oh How I love HIM!

This was my favorite section at the Holiday Warehouse Store.  They had a very large selection of Nativity Scenes….all shapes, sizes, and colors….

I’m going to share with you only 3 out of the many, many selections they had….


I think these are the most beautiful  Nativity Scenes that I have ever seen!

This Nativity Scene stood about 3 or 4 feet tall….Look at all the detail on Mary’s dress….


And Joseph…Jesus

and of course Baby Jesus…..How Lovely is HE!

How beautiful this would look in someone’s home…..

gold and green

This one is smaller…but just has beautiful…..

gold and green 2

All the gold, and teal blues…….

gold wise man

Look at all the sequins and detailed work on the wise men…….

wise man 2

A lot of time and patience went into making this……

gold box

detail, detail, detail,  love it….

3rd wise man

I told you these were beautiful!

blue sequins and gold trimming

Here’s one more Nativity Scene….

light blue and gold

This one is done in cream, light blue and gold…..

O Come Let Us Adore HIM!

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