German Reproduction Doll “KARL”

"KARL"  Antique Reproduction

“KARL” Antique Reproduction

Presenting to you Karl!!  Mama Betty made this cute little guy.  He is an antique reproduction of Karl Model 107, cira 1910 from Kammer and Reinhardt’s art character series.  She dress him in a cute Sailor Outfit in which she made and tailored herself.  (She is amazing!)  He even has socks and leather shoes. (Which she crochet the socks and handmade those little tiny shoes from leather.   He stands 12 1/2 inches tall.  Can you say “IS  HE FOR SALE”!

german karl

 The model was sculpture bust titled “portrait of a boy” as told by the German doll scholars, Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik in German Doll Studies; on page 227.  Kammer and Reinhardt’s art character doll.  Karl continues to be sought after by collectors.  Hard to believe the antique version of Karl sells from $19,000 to 60,000.  Wow!

2 karl


I love his eyes…and how about that sweet boy face!

3 karl


5 Karl


6 Karl
















Cute little leather shoes all handmade…

4 karl









































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