Elsbeth is dressed!


Pretty Little Elsbeth

Finally got Elsbeth dressed.  The doll on the right is mine and the other one belongs to my doll teacher, Mama Betty.  I think they both turned out beautiful.

Elsbeth 1


Their faces are so adorable.  I decided to paint my doll’s hair a lighter color.  You can tell they are not exactly the same.   That what’s make each doll so special.  They are all hand painted and unique.

elsbeth 2

Mama Betty used a vintage handkerchief  to make her apron.

elsbeth 3

I used a batiste material for my apron.  I love it!  :0  Well another doll for my collection finish.   What’s next……  I think it’s time for Coco to get some clothes.   I have a Coco doll and a Bru 11 that are in need of some clothing.   Sounds like fun to me.

Elsbeth undressed

elsbeth with slip






























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