Dressing Miss Coco Antique Reproduction Doll – Petiti and Dumontier

Dressing Miss coco

Me and Mama Betty finally finished Coco!!!  I posted some pictures of her earlier last year with no hair, no clothes just her pretty blue eyes…..At that time I was in the process of learning how to crochet her socks….Well she is all dress now….and absolutely gorgeous….I going to share with you some pictures of the process of getting her dress.  I have so many pictures of this doll I will need to share in 2 different posting. 


She is wearing white batiste long pantaloons…..

Trimmed in antique lace


Isn’t she cute even if she is only wearing her pantaloons…..

Noticed that doll off to the left….That’s Mama Betty next doll to dress…... 🙂


In this picture we are working on CoCo’s slip

By the way….I did finally get her socks crocheted….


And this is the beginning of her dress…..

Oh and don’t worry about that little piece of hair……

we were just trying shades of hair to see what looks best on her pretty little face…..

I will post the rest of the pictures of Miss Coco all dressed and styling soon……

Dressing Miss coco

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